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NOBUKAZU (Dutta-10142)

Nobukazu Watanabe, cavalerie en mission d'exploration à Dojoshieki, devant le château de Ryojun. Signé Tôkyô, Hasegawa Sonokichi, daté 24 novembre Meiji 27 (1894).


Yôsai Nobukazu, Watanabe, Jirô, Yôsai, pupil of Toyohara Chikanobu. Considered as the of Chikanobu’s disciple. He excelled in subjects such as actors, but even more as a war illustraror. In 1882 (Meiji 15th) he brought out several prints about the Keirin incident, with others artists such as Kunichika, Ginkô, Kunimatsu. During the Sino-Japanese war (1894-1895), Nobukazu did a considerable number of outstanding triptychs, he made his reputation about battle scenes on land and sea, and nothing seemed to be out of his range.

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