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LOBSANG GYATSO the fifth Dalai Lama (Dutta-10320)

His Holiness the 5th Dalai lama Lobsang Gyatso (1617-82)

Gilded bronze, Sino-Tibetan.

Late Ming period 17th century.

Size : 16,5cm

Lobsang Gyatso, was born in the Lhoka region of Tibet and recognized at the age of 6 as the reincarnation of H.H. the Fourth Dalai Lama by Panchen Lobsang Chokyi Gyaltsen. At the age of 25 he became the first Dalai Lama to be enthroned as both the spiritual and political leader of the whole of Tibet, with the establishment of the Gaden Podrang government.

He is remembered amongst all Tibetan Buddhist traditions as “The Great Fifth” and is renowned as a brilliant scholar and writer who authored 26 volumes of commentaries, Tantric ritual manuals, histories, and biographies, as well as being an accomplished meditator, medical doctor and poet. Desi Sangye Gyatso and Jamyang Shepa were amongst his most famous students. He established for the first time in Tibet many beneficial modern infrastructures such as a National Medical College and national healthcare system; a taxation system to support education, medical care and environmental projects; a population census; map surveys; and the building of the world-famous seat of all future Dalai Lamas, the Potala Palace.

Collection stamp " Ta Ming 1368-1643" n.4