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Kobayashi KIYOCHIKA print (Dutta-10141)

Kobayashi Kiyochika 1847-1915.

Title : The compassionate hero Captain Higuchi. Series : Mirror of army and navy heroes, feb.1895

Date : 1895.

Size : 14" x 9 1/4"

Signature : KIYOCHIKA.

Condition : Excellent colour, impression, left margin very slightly trimmed.                                                                                      
Captain Higuchi is one of the most celebrated Japanese heroes of the Sino-Japanese war who reportedly rescued a Chinese infant in a crucial battle near Weihaiwei. As the story was told. Captain Higuchi heard the abandoned child crying on the battlefield scooped him up in his left arm and led his forces to victory flourishing his sword with his right arm. After the battle, Higuchi returned the child to his parents. Captain Higuchi became a symbol of the bravery and benevolence of the Japanese forces and as seen here was celebrated in a number of woodblock prints (often with enemy bullets streaking around him). At a deeper symbolic level, he exemplified the whole notion of a righteous war again China; the child had been left in peril by its own irresponsible parents and caretakers. Thus even as they chastised the Chinese the strong resolute, merciful Japanese were protecting and preserving China's future.

price Chf 1'300.-