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House model (Dutta-10225)

Model House in terracotta from the Giao-Chi period, 1st – 3rd century AD.

Length : 31cm,

Height : 20cm

This object was uncovered in the digs at Thanh Hao, north Vietnam.

Very rare house made up of 5 independent elements, consisting of a base section, a first-floor living section, another for the second floor, the porch roof, and the roof. Inside the main court one can make out a small sculpture of a dog. Knowing that the main gate was most likely facing east towards the rising sun, the main living quarters, situated on the first floor, are facing south. The lower quarters are given over to farming activities and shelter for the animals. This type of model house, very few of which have reached us, is rendered even rarer by the fact that it is not only complete but also intact. On account of the fact that the buildings were made from wood and vegetable matter, these ceramics are the only way we have of knowing the nature of the architecture of that period in Vietnamese history. To our knowledge, no object of this type has been on the market in the past fifty years.

Literature: Manual of archaeology, Vietnam. The ceramics of Southeast Asia by Roxanna Brown. Vietnamese Ceramics, a separate tradition by John Stevenson & John Guy.


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