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ARMOUR - Tetsu sabiji urushi nuri 32 ken heichozan suji kabuto (Dutta-10300)


ARMOUR : Tetsu sabiji urushi nuri 32 ken heichozan suji kabuto, tetsu sabiji nuri moiegi odoshi roku-mai Do gusoku.

AGE : Early Edo period (1650)

CONDITION : Overall excellent original state of preserve.

KABUTO : A classic tetsu 32 ken sabiji urushi nuri heichozan suji bachi surmounted with an ornate five stage tehen-no-kanamono fixture. Five lame hineno jikoro with applied kinpaku oshi ( gold leaf ) kamon crest on the small fukugaeshi. A skilfully made wooden maedate crest of oni-gashira.

Original crape silk ukebari is in excellent order. Crape silk sheathed shinobi-no-o helmet cord in excellent order and length.

MEMPO : A classic tetsu sabiji urushi nuri men. Tetsu yon dan ita mono sugake odoshi tare. Prominent and skilfully embossed facial wrinkles and features. Full bodied moustache. Gold leaf faced inset teeths.

DO : A very fine and rare sabiji urushi nuri roku-mai Do with inome pierced ita mono kohire and affixed gyoyo pendants. Detachable nana mon go dan iyozane-style gessan assembly. Gilded grommet fitted renjaku apertures.

SANGU : A very fine matched sangu set featuring tetsu sabiji urushi nuri shino gote with an extremely unique example of a futa-tsuke kusuri-ire box-like structure set on the forehand of the left-hand tekko plate. Kusari haidate and shino-suneate are all backed by a custom order kamon crest stencilled fabric showing the personal heraldry of the original owner of this fine armour.

BITSU : And original Edo period hitsu. Iron carrying handles, support arms and lock assembly.

HISTORICAL : This armour was clearly originally the proprety of samurai at the order of the Daimyo of KATSUYAMA in bizen (Okayama) region. The three stars mon were called “three warriors” hence were favored by the military, devices that are found on this armour are that of the WATANABE clan.

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